Am I The Right Person? Or Just A Right Time?

Remember the early twenties? When we were all scared of meeting someone who didn’t love us, but loved the chase? A time when guys chased the pumpum and girls chased the eggplant? Now, it seems as though everyone’s chasing the biological clock. Yes, my dearies, welcome to the late-twenties! A world where we’re no longer worried about the chase – We must now be wary of the race.

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My Petty Virginity

"Yes, it was years ago and I hope you’re a different person now. Because I am. I’m not a little bitch anymore. I’m that bitch who gives zero fucks. And so what if it was years ago? Oh, I should get over it? I guess, I’m sorry for caring about something so petty as my Virginity."

Right Vs. Wrong

Hey dumbass! Long time… I don’t know about you, but these past few months have been such a crazy roller coaster of emotions. Or is that just a sign that you’re growing up? All of my recent emotional peaks this past Summer started when I was promoted at work and couldn’t think of a quote... Continue Reading →

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