About This DITS

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.


My name is Levana Joy Pham, but social media calls me @Levanss. I graduated Centennial College in 2015 with big dreams of being a TV Series creator, writer, and producer. Still working on that. I’m now a 27 year old full-time Social Media Manager and Client Experience Host at a manual therapy clinic called Myodetox in Toronto, Canada. I’m also a full-time failure and #DITS 🙂

I will list for you below some of my popular and most recent fails:

  1. Dropped out of Ryerson University for Business
  2. Got fired at Tim Hortons
  3. Being a good daughter
  4. Being a safe driver…
  5. Committing to relationships
  6. Committing to the gym and yoga
  7. Being a drug addict (Yes, you read that correctly. I failed at being a drug addict.)
  8. Created a blog called Fuddy-Duddy Dating Girl where I blogged about all of my dating experiences via Tinder. Didn’t launch since I didn’t get one date.
  9. Another blog called That Quarter Life Crisis By: @QLCgirl.
  10. Another blog called Levanss’ Writer’s Block that I didn’t even launch

So why should you read me since everyone who blogs is pretty much super smart, has their life together (for the most part), and other shit like that; while I’m just here like “hey, be dumb with me”? Well, I may not be a Psychology major or someone who has “book knowledge” on all that smartsy fartsy stuff; I’m just a person who’s gone through some shit, done a lot of stupid shit, and wants to share those stories and lessons learned. I’m hoping that someone out there can take what I have to offer this world and those are my stories. If only one person takes my gift and can be better from it, then I’ll be happy I helped someone out there. My stories are all that I’ve got.

So maybe, just maybe, you can give this Dumb & Dandy gal a chance to tell her dumb stories. I may not be a master of anything yet, but I’m on a journey to get there. I’m no longer wasting valuable time waiting or looking for it. I’m going to make it happen.

We all go through those “stupid phases” and I’m here to tell you to accept that “stupid phase”. Just accept it! Then learn from it because when you’re – like me – dumb as fuck, you literally have nothing to lose! But you have so much to gain.

Embrace your inner dumb. Be a DITS (Dumb-In-Training Soul) with me.